Something about me attracts this shit?

I have had two scary incidents in which the same man has approached me twice in differnt parts of Bradford, on one occassion he yelled abuse at me then tripped me up and pushed me to the floor, this took place in the centre of Bradford one lunch time outside the odeon, no one approached me to ask how I was. A few months later the same man ran towards me, yelled abuse at me and tried to punch me. When I told my partner at the time he insisted I must have know the man, the implication being I knew what the incident was about or I deserved it in some way. again the message is “theres something about me” that attracts this shit.

A man approached me in Lidget Green in Bradford carrying a toddler and made several vulgar comments to me on the street, I was so outraged I yelled at him “you are carrying a fucking baby for fuck’s sake” (yeh,
as you can tell, over the years I have gotten less tolerant of this crap). When workmen yell at me i give them the finger and shout “thats sexual harrassment mate and you can lose your job if I report you”. although this is very empowering for me and some of the passers by who witness
these incidents laugh/smile I have had incidents where the mans reaction to my assertiveness has been potentially very dangerous. I gave one man the finger after he yelled sexualised abuse at me across a busy main road, his response was to throw a house brick at me!

I've got your back!


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